Saturday, September 26, 2009

How to tell if you are a Geek


The language of the Geeks, commonly known as Gava, is spoken in many large webpages.
public gavaClass geek
public int friends;
public int geekFriendsRatio = 0;

public void geek() {
cool = false;
hasaLife = false;
geek = true;
friends = geekFriendsRatio;
System.out.println("Get A Life if you Understand!");

~gw ga ngerti maksudnya apa XD berarti gw bukan geek XD

Alternate methods
Other tests to detect geekness are detailed below.
Test 1 - 1f l_l c@n r34d 7h15 j00 4r3 4 933k. ~gyah, i can read this -.-; am i a geek? nooo.. i'm not a geek XD
Test 2 - If the following 1's and 0's meant more to you than just..1's and 0' might be a geek:
Test 3 - You are bothered by the misuse of the word "emulate."
Test 4 - You know what the T means in James T. Kirk.
Test 5 - You know how to play Magic.
Test 6 - You know what Magic is.
Test 7 - You've heard of Magic.
Test 8 - You reprogrammed your computer's clock to show the star date rather than the normal time.
Test 9 - You've made a fully functioning light-saber out of parts from your basement
Test 10 - You have made love sin(pi) times in your life (No, it doesn't have to be in radians).
Test 11 - You have made love sec(pi/2) in your life.
Test 12 - You got the gag of test 11.
Test 13 - Stargate is your religion
Test 14 - Your car's windows are made of trash bags or some wrap and requires a pushing start.
Test 15 - You were never cool in your life, you rather opted to buy it.
Test 16 - You've never made postings on uncyclopedia.
Test 17 - You still live with your mom.
Test 18 - You collect your secret crush's stray hair.
Test 19 - You take your 12-year old sister to your high school prom.
Test 21 - You remember Lando for more than being the only black man in Star Wars.
Test 20 - You believe Lando was essential to the plot of Star Wars.
Test 21 - 11001010011010100101010101011010101010102. If you find something that doesn't belong there, you're a geek.
Test 22 - You don't play pokémon
Test 23 - You double date with your 40 year old sister with no date.
Test 24 - The song Happy Days is your favorite theme song.
Test 25 - You rather be on your computer than go out with the hottest girl/boy in school.
Test 26 - You dream of being AV kid, or are the AV kid.
Test 27 - You noticed that there are two test 21s.*
Test 28 - You went back and double-checked
Test 29 - You have memorized at least most of the entire history of the Star Wars galaxy, starting with the formation of the old republic, you additionally understand the concept of the sith, not as an ideal - but originally a unique species of their own
Test 30 - You play World of Warcraft
Test 31 - You actually like World of Warcraft
Test 32 - You have long arguments about World of Warcraft vs. Guild Wars
Test 33 - You score high on this quiz
Test 34 - You play on Runescape all day
Test 35 - You've shown up to a Star Wars premire dressed up like Luke Skywalker
Test 36 - You think Sci-Fi is cool
Test 37 - You still live with your mum
Test 38 - You will scientifically prove all of these
Test 39 - I did.
Test 40 - You dream to have sex with a Black Lotus card
Test 41 - You actually do your school homeworks
Test 42 - You not only do YOUR school homeworks as you also do the entire class students homeworks
Test 43 - Your parents don't know you exist
Test 44 - You're reading this while you're downloading the latest version of World of Warcraft
Test 45 - Your only friend is a slinky
Test 46 - Your inspirational film is "Pirates of Silicon Valley"
Test 47 - Your goal is to own more than five character with level 80 on World of Warcraft
Test 48 - You spend days arguing with Tibia players concerning how better WoW is than Tibia
Test 49 - You speak English, Latin, Andorian, Bajoran, Borg, Cardassian, Ferengi, Klingon, Romulan, Trill, Vulcan, FORTRAN, C++, Pascal, BASIC, C, C# COBOL, Ada, 133t, Perl, XML, Markub, MATLAB, PHP, Java
Test 50 - You invite the hottest girl in the school to play WoW in your house and check your Star Trek special uncut episodes DVDs
Test 51 - You are trying to solve P VS NP
Test 52 - You are trying to install Linux on your microwave
Test 53 - You sing the quadratic formula to the tune of "Pop Goes the Weasel"
Test 54 - When editing papers, you put // before comments
Test 55 - You understand why infinity minus infinity is undefined
Test 56 - You whistle at girls with the Beep function from the #include library
Test 57 - You know who P.J. Plauger is
Test 58 - You think Bill Gates should have been the next president elect
Test 59 - you ar currently on uncyclopedia researching geeks
Test 60 - You know what [1] acctualy does
Test 62 - You noticed there is no test 61
Test 61 - You took the bite out of the potate and noticed that potate is spellet rong
Test 62 - You dont play a sport
Test 63 - You have never played a sport
Test 64 - You can't name a sport
Test 65 - Sport?
Test 66 - You keep taking the same IQ-test untill you score above 130
Test 67 - You wish Twi'leks existed In Real Life
Test 68 - You realize that there is no Real Life, there is only Away From Keyboard
Test 69 - You can't help but consider this test an innuendo
Test 70 - You spend most of your income (a.k.a allowance) on comicbooks
Test 71 - You are currently wondering which points you will add to this list
Test 72 - Your screen name is named after your favourite comicbook character, only with three identical digits after
Test 73 - You edit Wikipedia
Test 74 - You still live with your mom.
Test 75 - You noticed that Test 74 was a copy of Test 17.
Test 76 - You rarely fuck, but only masturbate
Test 77 - You understand l33t sp33k1ng$
Test 78 - You rarely have sex because your mom annoys you and overprotects you
Test 79 - You dream of flying into bloody rages and killing lots of people who hate you
Test 80 - You're an artistic genius
Test 81 - You're depressed
Test 82 - You are on uncyclopedia
Test 83 - You're editing uncyclopedia
Test 84 - You think this is funny and laugh to yourself
Test 85 - You tried to hack and actually stole their ebook (it's in the IMG section)
Test 86 - You are stressed out over what to write next
Test 87 - You built an iron man and a machine that enables flight but don't bother to show it to the world because no one cares
Test 88 - You dream of sex and just might get it one day.
Test 89 - You have an anxiety disorder
Test 90 - You're unemotional looking
Test 91 - You never really get fat
Test 92 - You believe in the future that your time will come and those who wronged you now will be punished
Test 93 - You wait for the aforesaid time in Test 92
Test 94 - You are engaged in Ascii art
Test 95 - You wonder if life will just get more miserable and your time will never come and others will unfairly experience their peak
Test 96 - You believe that nerds and geeks are built for handling stressful situations and bad times like being sick or old, but not when your body is strong or when you're normal or times are normal
Test 97 - Your parents are too involved in your life and piss you off to a great deal
Test 98 - You persecute others for being geeks
Test 99 - Even though you're smart you're lazy because of your parents pissing you off and you do badly in school
Test 100 - You have self-pity but take pleasure in the small things of life.
Test 101- you like licking windows and wiping your ass on peoples towels for a laugh
Test 102 - you keep adding points even though it has already reached 100
Test 103 - If you can read this, you´re a geek
Test 104 - You realized that numbers 101 and 102 aren't properly capitalized or punctuated.
Test 105 - You have read every single of these tests
Test 106 - ...Twice

Note this test is not meant to be taken qualitatively or quantitatively. It's not like getting over 50 than you're a geek. It's more like if you get one right then you're a geek, the reason for having 100 of them was to ensure that you were diagnosed as a geek.
Which you are right?
Yes you, I'm pointing at you, the fat one.
You're a geek.
No JK, funny phenomenon is that geeks, at least true geeks that is, are never fat. Otherwise they're not geeks and become miserable in later life and are extroverted in their teens.
While geeks are miserable in their teens but become happier and extroverted in later life, all the way for sure until death, geeks always have the last laugh just as the meek will inherit the earth, or the jews, it's how it works.

~dapet link ini dari laverdy a.k.a kus, temen gw yg geek XD hahaha.. peace kus XD

Friday, September 25, 2009

Met Lebaran :)

buat yang lagi buka blog ini, buat teman-teman saya, buat yang sering memantau ataupun yang cuma numpang lewat ngliat blog ini, buat yang suka maupun ga suka sama tulisan saya di blog ini, buat yang suka maupun ga suka sama saya, buat teman-teman alm. bayu, buat semuanya yang lagi baca,,

Met Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1430 H.. saya sebagai manusia masih sering melakukan kesalahan maupun kelalaian, baik dalam perkataan, perbuatan, maupun tulisa.. dengan tulus saya mohon maaf.. mohon maaf lahir dan batin..

terutama buat yang ga suka sama tulisan saya di blog ini, ataupun yang ga suka sama saya,, mohon dimaafkanlah kesalahan saya..

buat yang ngasi komen, saran, kritik, dan segala macemnya, makasih atas semuanya itu, gw menghargai masukan kalian :) maaf klo gw menyajikan blog ini kurang berkenan..

sekali lagi, met lebaran^^